eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Art workshop – Rebirth

Details – making bird house & bird feeder using plastic bottlesrebirth3
By – Rebirth (Nivedita Chopra & Kumar Prashant)
Date – 6th June from 6.00 pm
Venue – Phoenix Market City
Ages : 10 to 15 | Workshop attendance each session – not more than 25

Workshop Name Chidiya

Rebirth is a culture rather than a business that promotes Up cycling, eco-friendly products and welfare of animals. This workshop is to educate people about the environment and recycling in the most fun and interactive way.  The purpose of this workshop is not only to make children learn how to utilize their creative ideas to convert recyclable materials to use but also help the environment by utilizing these for animal welfare.

About the workshop :

This Recycling Workshop invites parents and children above 10 years to share an inspiring, and creative fun time together where they can learn how to take plastic bottles and create Bird feeders and bird houses. The one hour long session will cover in an educational yet fun way about wastes and their effects on mother earth, effect on animals and nature and how the same can be used to help birds by preparing the bird houses and feeders.

Session features :
1.    Making bird house using plastic bottles
2.    Making bird feeder using plastic bottles

Please note :
1.    No. enrolled for the workshop to be communicated to Rebirth team at least 7 days in advance to enable preparation
2.    Demographic information like age, gender etc to be shared 7 days in advance with the Rebirth team

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Disclaimer : The dates and programme indicated may be subject to change/cancellation.

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