eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste


“Currently urban India is facing a massive rubber waste disposal. Rubber waste, when untreated, leads to various environmental concerns and wastage of natural resources which stresses the need to recycle rubber. Apart from environmental benefits recycling waste rubber also has tremendous potential of generating wealth.There is no Indian policy document which examines waste as part of a cycle of production-consumption-recovery or perceives waste through a prism of overall sustainability and hence waste rubber recycling has been neglected.

With the phenomenal increase in number of automobiles in India during recent years the demand of tyres as original equipment and as replacement has also increased immensely. As every tyre is destined to go to waste stream for disposal/recycling/reclamation, despite its passage through retreading process, the number of used tyres being discarded is going to increase significantly. Recycling used tyres will combat various problems like increasing cost of raw material, resource constraints, environmental problems including fire and health hazards associated with the stockpiles of the used tyres. Globally over 1 billion tyres are manufactured annually. The global rubber scrap figure stands at 10-16 million tons and almost 60% of this comes from tyres.”


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