eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Understanding Recycling

There are several aspects to recycling that can be understood by asking the following questions…

  1. Why should we recycle?

  2. What can we recycle?

  3. How is waste collected to recycle it?

  4. Does the waste need to be sorted out?

  5. Who does the collection and the sorting?

  6. Is there any danger involved in recycling?

  7. Where can I store waste that I need to recycle?

  8. Is it possible to recycle something one hundred percent?

  9. How much energy is needed to recycle?

  10. Is recycling a tedious process?

  11. How much does it cost to recycle?

  12. Is it really worth it?

  13. What are the alternatives to recycling?

  14. What is upcycling and down cycling?

  15. What is repurposing?

Answer these questions and you will know a lot about recycling already !!!

Check out this Wikipedia page to get most of your answers

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