eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

The Second Life



The most futuristic idea that shall affect the everyday life of an entire generation to come, is perhaps, not something as complex as nuclear energy! It is the simple idea of sustainable awareness. The idea ‘reuse’ is one of the keys to preserve resources and reduce our environmental impact as a race. We make innovative products but alongside we also generate unconscious waste. These wastes are intangible, as every time we dispose a product and call it ‘waste’ we also dispose the energy spent on making it… it must be our conscious responsibility to step out of the system of ‘disposable culture’ and enter a cycle of living with absorbing systems.

It is high time now to link things we have used, to the things we will use, and this link between the two holds a promise to a sustainable possibility for future. We know the grave possible problems in times to come, and its ironic that we don’t do much to help the situation. The solution is as simple as rethinking the complete design process incorporating ideologies like cradle to cradle design into both minor and major systems of creation.  The need of the hour is to justify the energy, raw materials, human resources and other natural energy that are used in creation of a product and question ourselves each time we discard any thing we use.


To expect a third party to save the environment is passé,  when everyone of us can help the cause by reusing things of daily requirements.
‘The second life’ is an effort to make ourselves familiar with these ideas of sustainable awareness.  Beyond being simple crafted products, “ The Second Life” is a pragmatic concept that can be adopted at various levels by each one of us. It is now time for us to see the ‘paper ‘ part of newspaper and the ‘plastic ‘ part of plastic bags…

To expect a third party to save the environment is passé, when everyone of us can help the cause by being involved. saving energy can be much more fun than just using a CFL lamp! Take a step towards saving the planet instead of just saving on your electricity bill.
So do buy the idea, if not the product and help us share & spread it to a as many as you can.

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