eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Studio Alternatives

Design Studio
Started as Interior Design and Photography consultancy firm in 2010, has now grown into many more areas of design. Since last 3 years we have our own workshop, with highly skilled craftsmen. In harmony of design consultancy, we also work on executing projects, products, furniture, accessories, artifacts, installation and any other space-making elements. We believe that with having an interesting and unique concept it is equally important to have ability to deliver excellent detailing and very fine quality work.


We love to focus on upcycling. Utilising various type of discarded materials to create desirable objects is always our first preference. From coasters to shipping containers, we love making use of reclaimed materials.
ScrapLab was conceived as an idea in 2012, and realised in 2015. We have a small library of materials that are discarded, but have interesting form/texture to be utilised in creative way, to become part of new product, art or installation.

To make the process of upcycling feasible, we need to create systems for collection, segregation and processing – create waste connections. As of now the waste we collect is limited to plywood, laminates, paper, PVC pipes, interior hardware and packaging materials. We are looking forward to a membership program with interior designers to collect waste from their completed sites.

To encourage and support creative mind to utilise these waste material is one of the unique aspect of Scraplab. We welcome individuals/groups to learn and make with us to experience UPCYCLING!