eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Repair your world

As we become more aware of our resources and we realise that we need not actually throw things away so easily, we come back to the tradition of repairing objects!

There are several groups of people that are crucial to this craft of repairing that are now struggling for an income because people dont take the time to repair their belongings.

Similarly objects that are designed cheap enough to be replaced or in a way that they CANNOT be repaired add to the pile of discarded items.

In India we still have some repairing services available to us fairly cheaply , but if we dont use these services and acknowledge these people soon we may not have them anymore

What are the objects you can repair:

1. Shoes

2. Watches

3. Kitchen utensils

4. Jewellery

5. Furniture

6. Clothes

7. Add more here……

Ironically, the more expensive an object when you buy it, the more possible that you would take the time to get it repaired. While technology makes things more affordable it also makes things disposable!!

The people who help us repair our world ….. Cobblers, Mechanics ????


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