eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Jeanius Bags from eCoexist

eCoexist has been collecting old jeans to recycle them into a quirky range of wearable and holdable products including bags, aprons, slings and some accessories

Waste Bag : This funky bag was made from the waist part of the jeans has the depth of hip and the pockets of the original jeans. Lined with lovely bright materials these bags mage a great companion to your jeans outfits!

Sling bags: For a few keys your mobile phone and maybe a pen or two these sling bags with patchwork on embroidery look great when you are hanging out at a movie maybe!

Aprons : For the master chef mothers who dont want to get their clothes dirty in the kitchen how about one of your kids jeans converted into an apron?

Come take a look

One thought on “Jeanius Bags from eCoexist

  1. I came to know about you through times of india. I think you people are working on a very nice concept. One should understand the imortance of recycling. Would love to visit your store.

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