eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste


Promoting and marketing of natural, Up-cycled, organic goods and promotion of art and artisans. Rebirth is a fair-trade, culture rather than a business, working towards upcycling all waste material to make them pieces of art. Our dream is to travel around India and maybe later the world, teaching and learning about eco-methods and handicraft for creating a greener and wonderful world. We provide awareness of reusing what is already produced and their benefits and overall promoting a newer and better lifestyle not only for people but the society and environment. We are die hard fanatics of re using waste material.

Nivedita Chopra & Kumar Prashant of Rebirth will organize an art workshop at Phoenix Market City for the Beauty of Recycling festival 2013. They will also create an Art installation called “A utopian natural island”, created by waste (tyres, sponge, CD’s, Plastic bottles, waste Glass, waste wood etc.)


Disclaimer : The dates and programme indicated may be subject to change/cancellation.


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