eCoexist presents : The Beauty of Recycling festival 2015

An event to highlight the aesthetic potential of waste

Meher Bijlani

Meher Bijlani, artist and art dealer.

Meher Bijlani, has pioneered innovative and highly successful shows such as ‘Kitchen Art’  ‘Street Furniture’  ‘Art ki Taza Khabar’  ‘Bollywood’   ‘Kaleidoscope’  ‘ADDICTED’ &  ‘Global Warming’  at the Kalaghoda Art Festival, Mumbai
‘Lamps & Cabinets’  ‘Utility Art’  ‘Christian Art & Icons’ etc. are some other highlights of Recycled Art.
The concept behind “Recycled Art” is to source day-to-day and unusual objects, restore these if necessary and convert them into one-of-kind, works of art.
To name a few these include: painted benches, cupboards, cabinets, lamps, CD racks, boxes, trays, kettles, coasters, chests — the list is endless.
Some of the more unusual objects have included a postbox (used as a laundry bin) a ‘haath gaadi’ (used as a bench) a ‘gola gadi’ (used as a dining table), a ‘bhelpuri’ stand (used as a mini bar), Chests, auto rickshaw and even a car.
The final object is a result of painstaking effort of Meher, whose strengths lie in sourcing, restoration and visualization of objects. She then translates it into the final art object.
Meher’s products are affordably priced and enhance the homes and work spaces of people of all ages and from all walks of life 
Making a new purchase? Buy Recycled Art.
Do your bit for the environment.
Make a difference !

Art creations by Meher Bijlani will be exposed at Malaka Spice for the Beauty of Recycling festival 2013.

Disclaimer : The dates and programme indicated may be subject to change/cancellation.

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